Online ID Scanning

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Online scanning and validation of Passports, driver licenses and ID-cards

A robust and international way to use passports or ID-cards to claim an identity quickly and securely directly from a mobile phone or laptop.

Zignsec’s Online ID Scanning lets the user scan ID-documents (passport, driver licence or Id-card) in real-time using the camera in a phone or laptop. The entire process is automated and no manual validation processes are needed. Capture and validation is done in real-time. Numerous security checks are done to spot false or tampered IDs. A complete report with all checks is passed to the merchant via the Zignsec API.

For enhanced security you can easily enable a biometric selfie-check comparing the face of the user with with the photo on the captured image of the ID-document.

Online ID Scanning is a quick and secure way to get a proof of identity in many countries around the world.





Great user experience - capture the ID directly from a laptop or phone - no need for manual uploads.
100% automatic - no manual validation needed.
Add-on with biometric selfie-check for enhanced security.



Over 50 countries with focus on Europe
Generally supporting all passports, ID-cards and driver licenses formats in each country.



Add Zignsec's responsive iframe on your website for easy capturing.
Validation is done in the background.
Collect the results using Zignsec's easy to use REST-API.

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