National eID-schemes

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BankID & NemID in Scandinavia

Use the authentication method endorsed by the merchants and loved by the users

National eID-schemes are the identity method of the future, a digital infrastructure powering all kinds of services where knowing the true identity of a person is crucial. Zignsec is an official re-seller of BankID in Sweden a partner of BankID in Norway and technically integrated to NemID in Denmark. In short eID as the most modern way of authenticating users online in a fast, secure and cost-effective way. The user follows a pre-defined process of authentication, a real-time handshake passing the response to the merchant.

Zignsec eID-scheme offers a full services implementation. The steps include consulting of regulation and process, best practice of implementation, ordering of certificates, hosting of certificates, technical support of API-usages and ongoing monitoring of service and sharing of statistics.

National eID-schemes are perfect solutions for everyone that requires strong authentication making the user-journey swift and the administration secure and easy. Use it for Logins, Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) and for digital signing of documents and actions.





Fast, secure and cost-effective
Preferred choice by users
Used for authentication and signing



BankID in Sweden
BankID in Norway
NemID in Denmark
More countries are added each quarter



Add Zignsec's responsive iframe on your website for easy integration or use the server-2-server API for mobile apps.
Collect the results using Zignsec's easy to use REST-API

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