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The Stock

The shares in ZignSec AB (publ) have been issued in accordance with Swedish legislation. ZignSec has only issued one class of shares, for a total of 33.381.244 where each share entitles to one vote and has equal shares in the company’s assets and profits. The share capital amounts to SEK 1.340.735. 

The share capital in the company shall amount to a minimum of SEK 900.000 and a maximum of SEK 3.600,000 divided into a minimum of 22.900.000 and a maximum of 91.600.000 shares. 

Trade information
Short name: ZIGN ISIN-code: SE0012930105 Certified Adviser Eminova Fondkommission Biblioteksgatan 3, 3 tr. 111 46 STOCKHOLM
About Nasdaq First North Growth 

Nasdaq First North Growth Market is an alternative marketplace operated by the various stock exchanges included in Nasdaq. 

It does not have the same legal status as a regulated market. Companies on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market are governed by the rules of the Nasdaq First North Growth Market and not by the legal requirements for trading on a regulated market. 

An investment in a company traded on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market may therefore be riskier than an investment in a company traded on a regulated market. 

All companies whose shares are listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market have a Certified Adviser who monitors compliance with the regulations. ZignSec AB (publ) has appointed Eminova as Certified Adviser. 

Share capital development 

At the Extraordinary General Meeting on July 29, 2019, a decision was made to issue 782,494 warrants as a long-term share-based incentive program to the Company’s employees. Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one (1) new share in the Company, each with a quota value of SEK 0.039.

A prerequisite for being granted warrants is that the participant has signed a special preemptive rights clause agreement with the Company. The preemptive rights clause means that the Company, or the person it designates, under certain conditions has the right to repurchase the warrants from the participant.

The participants shall not make any payment for the warrants. Subscription of new shares with the support of the warrants is to be possible during the period from and including 15 August 2022 to and including 31 December 2022.

The participants shall not make any payment for the warrants. Subscription of new shares with the support of the warrants can be carried out during the period from 15 August 2022 to 31 December 2022.

Each warrant entitles the holder to subscribe for one new share in the Company at a subscription price of SEK 5 per share. The company’s largest owner as of December 31, 2021, is reported according to the table below.

Ownership structure 
Name Share capital (%) Voting share (%) Total number of shares
COMMERZBANK AG 12.15 12.15 4.109.094
ALANDSBANKEN ABP 5.41 5.41 1.829.404
FUTUR PENSION 2.83 2.83 957.710
ALBEDJ, ALEXANDER 2.24 2.24 756.239
OTHERS 61.87 61.87 20.418.001
SUM 100 100 33.831.244


Alexander Albedj, Chairman
Chairman and board member since 2018. 
Master’s degree in economics from the Stockholm School of Economics. 
Other assignments:
Chairman of the Board of Toadman Interactive AB (publ) and AIdar AB, board member of Arte Actus Capital AB, Sportbilsfonden Sweden AB, Eros Capital Partners AB, Erosito AB, CEO and deputy board member of Arte Actus Corporate Finance AB. Previous assignments in the last five years: Chairman and CEO of Carl & Son Skincare AB. 
712 650 shares.
Independent in relation to the Company and the company management and the Company’s major shareholders, respectively. 
Markus Pihl, Board Member
Board member since 2018
Studies in information technology at the Royal Institute of Technology and studies in management at the Stockholm School of Entrepreneurship. 
Other assignments:
Chairman of the Board and CEO of Slagkryssaren Aktiebolag and 
Slagkryssaren Holding AB. 
Previous assignments in the last five years: Deputy Board Member of SkyStep Consulting AB. 
No holdings.
Independent in relation to the Company and the company management and the Company’s major shareholders, respectively. 
Pär Kastengren, Board Member
Board member since 2018
Master of Science in Industrial Economics at Linköping University. 
Other assignments:
Chairman of the Board of Kastengren Invest AB and board member of Leeroy Group AB, Pensa Sverige AB, VOXO AB, Sigmastocks AB and deputy board member of Slipp AB.
Previous assignments in the last five years: Board member of Centro Kakel & Klinker AB, Osby Glas Aktiebolag, Fjäråskupan AB, Aminogatan 32 in Mölndal Fastighetsförvaltning AB, Badia AB, Glamma Nordic AB, Poolsupport Sverige AB, Badia Vattenteknik AB, Osby Glas Invest, board member and deputy board member of PoolKungen AB, Svenska Poolfabriken i Luleå AB, deputy board member of Beijer Handel AB, GPB Golvproffsbutiken AB, Beijer Industriutveckling AB, Beijer Industriutveckling vand AB and Beijer Industriutveckling lækemedel AB.
Independent in relation to the Company and the company management and the Company’s major shareholders, respectively.
Pär Kastengren is employed by one of the major shareholders in the Company, NFT Ventures 1 Kommanditbolag.
Marie-Louise Gefwert, Board Member
Board member since 2021
Other assignments:
CEO and director of the board of Gefwert Development AB, director of the board of Enad Global 7 AB (publ).
9 523 shares.
Independent in relation to the Company and the company management and the Company’s major shareholders, respectively.
Eric Wallin, Board Member
Board member since 2021
Other assignments:
Chairman of the board in Performiq AB, Chairman of the board in T&V Holding AB (Trivec), Board member in Triggerfish AB
47 619 shares.
Independent in relation to the Company and the company management and the Company’s major shareholders, respectively.
Ernst & Young Aktiebolag (box 7850, 103 99 Stockholm) has been ZignSec’s auditor since 2019, with Beata Lihammar as principal auditor since 2019.
Beata Lihammar:
Beata Lihammar, born 1965, is a chartered accountant and a member of FAR, the industry association for auditors in Sweden. Eva Marianne Stein, (c / o Allegretto Revision AB, Ringvägen 100, 118 60 Stockholm), born 1962, authorized public accountant and member of FAR, was the Company’s auditor until the Company’s Annual General Meeting 2019. The circumstances surrounding the change of auditor were not significant. 


Alex Noton, CEO
CEO since 2022
BA degree in Ancient History from Bristol University. Studied law at College of Law, London.
Other missions:
CEO of Web Shield Ltd, Managing Director of Hampton Court Capital, and minority owner of Fintact GmbH.
Previous assignments in the last five years:
CEO of Web Shield Ltd and Managing Director of Hampton Court Capital.
184 909 shares.
Johan Törnqvist, CFO
CFO since 2019
Master’s degree in economics from Linköping University.
Other missions:
Board member of Johan Törnqvist Konsult AB.
Previous assignments in the last five years:
Board member and CEO of Tarber AB. 
100 000 shares och 98 021 warrants.
Jason Coombes, COO
COO since 2018
Studies at the Chartered Insurance Institute.
Other missions:
Board member of AIdAR AB and owner of the individual company JC Utvecklare. 
Previous assignments in the last five years:
Board member of Scio Reality AB. 
No holdings


For questions about Investor Relations, please contact:

Alex Noton, CEO
[email protected]
Alexander Albedj, Chairman
[email protected]

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5. A Guide to Cookies and Other Technologies


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