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Our vision is to become the world’s favorite way to verify merchants end-customers from branches of all kinds. We are a verification service provider and will help you to safely and smoothly identify all you customers.

With Zignsec we make it simple for you to become and stay compliant with the latest EU-directives regarding KYC (Know Your Customers) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering). ZignSec is Scandinavia´s most modern verification platform and strives to become one of the world’s largest business-to-business data and verification providers.

By using Zignsec, banks, financial institutes and online merchants will reduce fraud, protect user accounts and secure payments. All features in Zignsec work in real-time and seamlessly in the background enabling banks, financial institutes and merchants to make decisions faster, more accurately, and without delay. Most important, Zignsec means trust and innovation. We’re on a mission to deliver new solutions that make your job easier and safer. We’ll bring you user experiences that are more efficient and powerful, tailored if needed, and flexible, revealing and insightful.

We will continue to enhance our core technology, capturing good and bad actors within the ecosystem in order to provide cost-effective risk management solutions while keeping the privacy of the actors. Together we are impacting and neutralizing some of the most pressing issues facing our society and the financial ecosystem including Money Laundering, Transactional Fraud and onboarding risk/Know Your Customer (KYC). Everyone at Zignsec is deeply devoted to this mission.

A sec with ZignSec and we’ll make sure that you won’t miss a thing!
Zignsec has its HQ in Solna, Sweden. It´s services are already used today in 27 countries.


ZignSec halves the amount of fraud attempts for Videslots online gaming.

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We're on a mission to deliver innovative solutions that make your business easier and safer, with a user experience that is efficient and powerful, tailored if needed, flexible, revealing and insightful. Contact us to receive free advice or request a demo of our solutions.

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