About Us

Zignsec’s vision

is to enable safe digital business through world-leading kyc 


ZignSec is a Stockholm based regtech company. We were founded 2015 with the goal to automize the process for companies to identify their customers digitally in real-time with a friendly user experience for the end customer. 

what we do

ZignSec is an identity service platform with the mission to simplify for companies to verify their customers online. Identifications is one of the least elaborated areas of the internet and we want to change that. We can offer several micro services to verify the true identity of your customers.  With our platform, we can help you to stay compliant. We use digital identity methods which helps you to digitize your current AML, KYC and identity checks globally.

Our offer

We offer secure and user friendly KYC solutions by collecting all leading digital verification methods globally under one platform. With only one API connection you will have access to all of our services, which provides you an automated flow in your customer verification process. 


Our services meet the needs of such compliance and regulations as KYC, AML, GDPR, PSD2/SCA to name a few. As more regulations are put into place, our platform of solutions will be able to support them with new reach and offerings.